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“Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

My first grandchild was born two weeks ago, a boy, named Peyton.

I traveled to Baltimore to meet him and watched his parents’ number-one son (of the four-legged version, named Tucker, aged three years) deal with the new addition to the family system.

Lots of sniffing and licking while all adults within view cooed “Easy, Tuck. That’s a good boy.”

This week, my housemate (and very good friend, which is the only reason she got away with this) walked through the door with a kitten, a stray hanging out at the back of a restaurant.

Another kitten; she got Albert in November.

I swore he’d never sleep on my bed. I lost that battle.

Albert is nine months old now. Finally stopped climbing my bedroom drapes.

There was balance in the kingdom.

And then…a change to the system!

Systems: They exist everywhere, all the time.

Albert is not happy with the energetic interloper. No licking and sniffing. More like stalking and hissing. And teenage truculence.

Kinda’ like some adults I know.

When there’s a new hire, or someone leaves (or dies, moves, divorces) there is an immediate change to the existing system, whether personal or professional.

Our likes or dislikes about the existing system are beside the point: it is the change itself and how we view it that determines our ability to get on board with it.

Change: It exists everywhere, all the time.

Excuse me while I go tie up my drapes.


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