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“I intend to live life, not just exist.” ~George Takei

Monday, 12:05 am

I have just crept back into Toronto after conducting a 5-day retreat, followed by a visit with my friend who has very limited time left on this planet. It began snowing while I sat with him in Almonte, outside Ottawa, causing a white knuckle drive home averaging 40 km per hour for the first 100 km.

This blog will be short and to the point; I have a 30 minute window of consciousness and no time to waste.

The stories I heard from the brave attendees of the Trust Program would curl your toes, and put the petty little problems of your life into perspective.

So stop wasting your precious time with worry or regrets.

That’s not living; it’s merely existing.

Stop with the self-beratement and internal putdowns and mea culpas.

Stop beating yourself up for not being somehow good enough. You are.

Stop the doubting, and second-guessing, and comparisons.

Stop beating yourself up for whatever.

Just stop.

And start living.

If you knew you had a week left to live, I bet you wouldn’t waste one second feeling anything but grateful, grateful for every single second of your tender-licious life.

So start living as though you’re dying.

It will propel you to look around and notice only what is good, and true, and beautiful.

If you look for it, you’ll find it.

Because it’s there.








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