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“The day after Christmas: When we all have two more ugly sweaters.” ~Craig Kilborn

I hope you had a relaxing, joyous holiday! I’m on the road today, so here’s a popular repeat from the past, a day after boxing Day.

I will be visiting with extended family members, one of whom, my mother, has gifted me with a few sweaters over the years, some of which either didn’t fit or I wouldn’t wear. I’m grateful she’s still alive for me to love her anyway.

~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

The term “Boxing Day” originated in the Middle Ages when it was a custom to give servants a box containing gifts the day after Christmas.

On December 26th servants would take wooden boxes to work so that their employers could fill those boxes with money or food in return for their good and reliable service throughout the year.

Think about that as you put on that sweater your mother gave you (or your wife, child, or friend, though the term “friend” is questionable if they gave you one of “those” sweaters).


And be grateful that person is still alive and able to give you a sweater.

That, or maybe your “good and reliable” service fell short this this year.

Either way, love the sweater.

Love the sweater.

Love it anyway.


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