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“Life is about perspective and how you look at something… ultimately, you have to zoom out.” ~Whitney Wolfe Herd

The window washer hanging from the tenth floor sees more and farther than the guy standing on the street.

And what the guy on the street sees depends on which way he’s looking, and why.

And “why’s” are belief-based.

What people see depends on what they believe.

Believe the world is a scary place? Then, that’s what you’ll see, things that frighten you.

Believe you’ll never catch a break? You probably won’t.

I have repeated the words of a wise man with whom I once worked many times in programs and more often to myself.

“What do you want to be right about?” he asked me once. “Because you can be right about anything. Choose carefully.”

When the familiar knot of anger grips your insides, it is generally your perspective—attitudes, opinions, the assumptions you make, consciously, and even more importantly, unconsciously—that propel your gut to tighten.

And what I’ve learned is this: that one actually can choose a different perspective and thereby produce a different internal response.

Perspective is everything. And there’s always a higher one.

Sometimes—most times in fact—it will be necessary to zoom out by climbing higher in order to alter your view, and that takes time and effort and a willingness to reflect.

And then ask yourself: What do you want to be right about?

Choose carefully.

Your gut will thank you.

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