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“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” ―Émile Zola

It has been an extraordinary year of accelerated change for me: a new home, a new town, and a new direction.

After over two decades of writing weekly essays, I will be changing formats from blog to podcast—from print to audio.

I am entering the next act with arms wide open.

I hope you will join me and my co-host and dear friend, Val Uhlin, as we share our questionable wisdom on random topics, not unlike the blogs.

Oh, and laugh a lot.

I tell people that we’re just two brassy broads trying to make sense of life’s nonsense—and talking about it.

We call our half hour shows humorous therapy, or irreverent self-help, and we never know where the conversation might go.

We’re having great fun and sharing content we think will benefit others. As a subscriber to my weekly meanderings, you probably already have a sense of what to expect.

We hope you will learn a little, laugh a little and leave feeling lighter for having listened.

This undertaking has been exactly one year in the making. I do hope you’ll tune in.

We are launching on October 31, but as a subscriber, you get early access, and you can always listen to episodes on our website:

You can also find Loose Ends on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all the rest, and can follow us on Instagram @loose.endspodcast and Facebook.

Then there’s my name…

I was born Cynthia Mary Cook. In my youth I was called Cindy. Then I married, dropped my middle name, and signed all legal documents as Cynthia C.  My grandkids now call me CC.

I’m choosing that moniker for my next act. You can refer to me as you wish.

And in one more slight change, instead of a blog post in your in-box each Monday morning, you’ll now have a new episode to listen to each Tuesday. If you subscribe on your favourite podcast platform you’ll be alerted to new episodes.

It has been a true joy writing words for you to read each week for so many years. I so appreciate your time and attention. I considered continuing until the end of the year to give you time to transition from one way to another, but have decided a swift exit is best, and besides, it’s not good bye, it’s “see you on another channel.”

And I may be back in another form at another time. Like video (oh, gawd!).

You just never know.

It’s kind of the way change is.

Catch you on the airwaves.

“There is nothing permanent except change.” ~Heraclitus

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