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“Whenever the heat’s on, my whole life, I’ve just kind of learned to focus a little more.” ~Jordan Spieth

We can be right about anything, anything we want to be right about, anything at all.

Whatever we focus on we bring to life, we make real.

Your focus determines your truth.

What puzzles me is the number of people who choose to be right about things that make them feel angry, or sad, or hopeless.

“The world’s going to hell in a hand basket.”

Yep. You can be right about that, and how does that propel proactive engagement?

There are abundant examples of people helping others, selflessly, every day.

“People are essentially good.”

I’d rather be right about that.

It’s easier, and I feel better when I choose it.

So, ask yourself, “Where shall I direct my attention today? What do you want to be right about?”

And then choose wisely.




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