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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. I thought of that while riding my bicycle. ~ Einstein on the Theory of Relativity

There are many who say they’d love to retire to southern climes or at least, like me, head somewhere warm for the winter months.

Short of winning the lottery, most people won’t fulfill that desire, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about dropping it all and heading to a beach somewhere.

Lots of people envision time spent sitting in a lounge chair gazing at the ocean, drink in hand, doing nada, this because they’re so over-worked that only nada-ness will begin to assuage their current level of chronic exhaustion.

People, we are out of balance. Harder to ride a bike that way.

But let me tell you something: months of vacation on a beach and you’ll be bored to death. Literally, without a purpose of some kind, people sink into a form of spiritual lethargy that no amount of lounging, gazing, or drinking can outweigh.

I see it when I visit Mexico each winter, people with no purpose slowly dying on the beach. Like beached whales.

The human organism was not built to do nada for long stretches of time.

Today all of us are required to work harder, longer, and more efficiently in order to survive. We’re told we need to “do more with less.”

So we do; we work harder and longer and wait for the time when we can relax and do nothing for a week or two on vacation.

But it’s not enough. We’re generally out of balance when we work that hard and we’re often out of balance when we vacation that hard, too.

Ever come back from your vacation needing a vacation?

For real balance to be created, or least experienced, you need to keep moving. But just not quite so fast.

Else the bike will topple over.

Or crash.

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