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“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.”  ~Peter T. Mcintyre

Ain’t it delicious, being right about something? Especially when someone else disagrees and we get to prove them wrong.

Nope, there’s nothing wrong with being right. It feels fabulous!

But no one is right all the time, despite what your father may have claimed, so the question becomes, what do you want to be right about?

You can be right about anything you want to be right about. Doesn’t matter what it is: that people can’t be trusted, that your boss is a jerk, that your spouse will never change, that all the good ones are gone.

Or you can be right about the gift of being employed when so many yearn for a job, that each day is a blessing, that you have two arms and two eyes, that life is essentially good.

Besides, what’s so wrong with being wrong occasionally? Some of the people I admire most have made tons of mistakes—and will admit it. That’s because their self-esteem isn’t all wrapped up with being perfect all the time.

Mistakes mean “learning opportunities,” and we all love those, don’t we?

They say learning helps keep you young.  That, and a sense of humour.

I’m banking on it.

“The only person who doesn’t make mistakes is somebody who doesn’t do anything…”

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