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“The great gift of Easter is hope.” ~Basil C. Hume

Hope is fuel and the heart feeds on it.

Whether one follows a particular religious doctrine or not, Easter trumpets spring, and green leaves, and yellow daffodils, and children searching for brightly coloured eggs.

It reminds us that there is life after death and growth after destruction; one need only look to nature to see evidence of that truth.

Spring is a time of expansion, Easter a time of renewal. It’s a good time to clean out clutter—emotionally as well as physically.

We talk about spring cleaning, when the days grow longer and the light brighter, we take to shaking out the blankets, dusting down the cobwebs, moving furniture and sweeping underneath.

Why do we not refer to fall cleaning? Because nature gets darker, the days shorter, the temperatures colder. We put things into storage, baton things down and settle in for the winter.

And hope for spring.

It fuels us.

So, I’m hanging on to it, not only because of the state of the world these days and those whose Easter is filled with fear, but also because it snowed last night, a pitiful joke by Mother Nature who must feel that I require more practice in hoping.

Thank goodness I had the foresight to purchase a bunch of tulips which now adorn my new space: an illusion of spring.

That and the promise of chocolate, purchased at the same time, which will fuel my hope most deliciously.

“All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!” ~Charles M. Schulz

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