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“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.” ~Mark Twain

I apologize in advance for a political post. Might offend Trump supporters, but I’m a communication/conversation gal, and something took hold of me when I fully grasped his limited vocabulary. And what it reveals.

I understand Trump is successfulincredibly successful, and very, very big everywhere he goes. In fact, he’s HUGE. And so is everything he builds.

He always wins.

He never lies.

He’s amazing and only hires amazing people. (Especially if they have great tits.)

His ideas are fabulous. (Even when they result in lawsuits.)

People who disagree with him are totally stupid and weak, morons and losers. Plus, they’re really bad people.

He’s smart (not intelligent), and he’s tough (not determined).

He will do tremendous things as President. Terrific things. Unbelievable things.

Like build a wall. A HUGE wall, an incredibly tremendous, fabulous, terrific, amazing wall, a wall Mexico will totally pay for, despite their president’s refusal to consider it. And it’ll be a classy wall, he guarantees it. Like he did a Trump University education.

Listen: What more could we want? I mean, really!

Because he’s a winner. And winners always win. No matter what sacrifices may be required. Like their integrity. Because sacrificing that is what matters when things are out of control, folks.

As Twain so astutely opined, we can learn a lot, okay, about Trump—his character and desires—by paying attention to his chronic use of certain adjectives.

It seems clear to me that Trump has no desire to be elected President of the United States.

He wants to be anointed King.

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